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 This page continues to cover information from ancient records unexpectedly discovered when we were investigating further into the origins of Natural Plant Based Diets, Healing and Health.

Gobekli Tepe - ’Hall of Records’?

For decades this work has been taking seriously, and looking into the meaning, of information recorded in ancient texts, and through other means, which appeared to be trying to alert a future world.

The ancient ruins of Gobekli Tepe in today’s Turkey connected to the world which existed before the Flood.  The ruins have only been excavated and investigated in recent years. The stone pillars show astronomical information carved as images which refer to the Earth’s alignment to the Galactic Centre in our own times now. 

What is now clearly shown is something the current world has dismissed as superstition and could not have a factual basis. From our reading of written Records, it was obvious to us that this was not the case, and the ancient world was trying to let people of this world now, know about the ‘corridor’ Earth transits at this time.

We have been able to follow up this information (since2001- 2004) only through Records of a distinct and separate origin to current known spirituality. Now, post 2012, what is revealed at Gobekli Tepe shows what this other knowledge was saying, as part of a message the ancient world wanted today’s world to know. It means we don’t have to keep 'decoding' ancient texts which are hard to prove. We can now use the information from the Gobekli Tepe ruins.


Gobekli Tepe

The origin of the Records of the pre-alteration Greek sourced Christos Teachings, and the Greek-Turkish-Persian origin of additional Records do not concur with spiritualism and current new views on spirituality. For many thousands of years they have pointed out that it is a problem that there are many places to anchor one’s soul destination within the 25,000+ year Cycle because the destination will change with wherever the Cycle is, and that means there are different and conflicting views and different ideas of what ‘Source’ is, throughout the entire Cycle.  Just as the ‘journey’ is where it is now, with yet another one of many different viewpoints on what is ‘god source’.

It is also clearly taught that there is only one ‘true Source’.  Our view is that the information is not religious, but describes a perfectly functioning Galactic Life System, from which this world has strayed. 

The existence of Atlantis is not our primary focus, but does tie in with knowledge that something happened to this planet which caused the Cycle of the Ages (also called the Wheel of Rebirth) that it altered this planet’s path to periodically access something now known as a ‘Galactic Highway’, and that when this first occurred pre-dates the last round of the Cycle of the Ages.  The last date that coincides with our own time, was 25,000+ years ago.

This work knew before 2012 that it was not going to be about teaching a ‘Spiritual Path’.  There are still many, many lifetimes of development or ‘evolution’ taking place in this Earth Garden. Instead it was about the ‘Force’ that this planet was not intended to encounter, and safely navigating through it.  In addition, if this time is a passage through something that could be interpreted as when the ‘universe’ makes a Judgment on the spiritual progress of its creations, then this work does not have an issue with that. 

There is information carved into the stone pillars of the recently excavated ruins of Gobekli Tepe which has remained buried until just about now.  Carved in stone is astronomical information which shows exactly what the ancient world wanted the current world to know about.  It pinpoints exactly this time now, from about 1962 to 2034 or 1960 - 2032 but for this world now, having passed the deadline date of 2012, covers the remaining years from 2017 to around 2034/42.  

The ancient world went to extraordinary lengths to ensure this information would survive to the present day, yet despite these efforts, it didn’t.

That is because equally extraordinary efforts went into ensuring it would not be known.

Therefore the completely clear information shown on those ancient pillars of Gobekli Tepe provides what has been so hard to prove.

So if we start with a brief look at the spiritual lineage from which the Records (and protocols) we teach originates, then it can be seen that this work has had to use existing information to try to explain what the lineage knew but was otherwise not known.  And that throughout millennia, this knowledge has always been hard to explain.

Now with the final pieces from Gobekli Tepe and with knowledge of a group from an ancient lineage with a strong affinity with ritual, the reasons why this information was deliberately hidden become more clear.

The Gateway or ‘Portal’a purpose and a ritual

Earth’s journey is also part of a story known to inner teachings of Native American Indian sources, some of which also teach of the returning Blue Kachina, or planet X, the Photon Belt, and a special Gateway. 

The ‘Cosmic Gateway’ is of particular interest because the reality of what that is, is the reality.

The Gobekli Tepe ruins are in modern day Turkey dating back before 10,000 BC, but deliberately covered up around that time, to hide, or preserve, the information it provides. Yet this knowledge was known and passed on in highly secret Teachings to ‘True Heart’ aligned Spiritual Mystic Teachers of whom Rumi was one.

Hidden from the world, it is clear that some of the ancient world made sure that any knowledge of this kind, and built into the site, would never be known by the increasing numbers of the population of this planet. But it did survive as a secret teaching kept by good people who wished to ensure the knowledge would survive.

The ruins have only been excavated and investigated since around 2007. The ruins are archeologically dated to connect back to the world which existed before the Flood.  In a paper entitled “Gobekli Tepe Temples Communicating an Ancient Cosmic Geography” by Paul Burley,  he comments on the stone pillars which show astronomical information carved as images which refer to the Earth’s alignment to the Galactic Centre in our own times now. (More follow on references are given later).

Records also exist in the mythological legends of Ancient Greece for example, but the most enduring and compelling records are the untouched images purposefully carved into stone. Images created by ancient ancestors which show clear indications of their world as it existed in their times, which along with other deliberately added reference points, made it possible to date the times to which they were referring. The topic they cover was produced from knowledge of the direct experience.

The most accurate time dating they provided detailed very clear representations of the stars as they were positioned at the time something of significance happened. It is already significant that the Cycle exists at all, but there is also something especially significant in what that Cycle passes through.  The carvings at Gobekli Tepe show Earth’s path at a particular time in ancient history, and yet to be in the far distant future - which is exactly our time now.

Showing the position when Earth crosses to the low side of the galactic equator, the carvings show a galactic corridor related to that equator.  Generally this is known now as a ‘Star Gate’ and this planet accesses/traverses this for about 72 years - which would cover 1 degree of the Cycle - between around1962 – 2034 - and presents a reality post 2012 that really does echo the idea of a ‘Judgment Day’ as written in the biblical book of Revelation as something for which people ‘mark’ themselves. A time when it really matters that you kept to the ‘Law’.

The ‘Gate’, or Portal, leads to ‘Galactic HQ’ and is called the Dark Rift. It fits in with the dates of 1962 and 25 years to ‘Harmonic Convergence’ in 1987, and 25 years to 2012. It may perhaps be literally seen as a vortex in the sky sometime in the remaining years from 2017 to around 2034 of Earth’s travel across this specific corridor, the Sagittarius link.

The Ancient ‘Atlantean’ Ritual


This passageway is a direct path to the centre of the galaxy - and the black hole located there. That means – and science has noted this as the dark energy that makes up the entirety of this corridor – that the pathway so many are aligning into for this ‘exciting time’ goes nowhere else but into the black hole at the centre of this galaxy.  This passageway is the Anu Path.  It means the same as anus.  When matter does not match the requirements of the ‘Higher Realms’ then it seems it is recycled.  

The problem is that something that the ancient world did, caused the Cycle which periodically brings this world in contact with transit of the galactic ‘anus’.

The Cycle has done more than that, because it has so many different anchors for consciousness that many souls have become warped.  That is how the Annunaki and Secret Orders with Secret Rituals came about.  The people known as Anu or Annunaki have a strong need and affinity for rituals.

It is noted in current alternative news, that when the sun shifts through its own normal path at this time, what seems to look like a new planet will then be seen.  This is the actual vortex. It is also written that some people will be ‘lifted up’, or ‘taken’, and others not touched. 

Many people have attuned to a new emerging spirituality that began to take off only decades ago.  The movement for this was the creation of, and initiated by, a very specific source. Thus as Earth entered the passage known as the Star Gate within the time frame of the 72 years of transit,  preparation for a once in 25,000+ year ritual began.

It is a time which is indicated - for some on this planet - as the time of their greatest ritual.  It is their most sacred, holy and most necessary ritual. Its timing is shown through ancient astronomical-astrological records.

In creating that holiest of ancient rituals, there is also a kind of hypnotic effect that goes with those who embrace the journey they are being prepared for – the journey that is that ritual. A ritual associated with ‘saving the planet’ so that it will continue for another set of ‘ages’. The completely clear information shown on those ancient pillars of Gobekli Tepe provides what has been so hard to prove.

It is very hard to value the full impact of this time in the journey through the Cycle without some explanatory information. It may be the only way that provides an alternative narrative and reminds you what the ‘rules’ are,  presented in the context of this additional knowledge.

The existence of the corridor presents a number of destructive scenarios which need to be averted while traversing that approximately 72 year corridor. Like the no Hillary means no ‘No Fly Zone and war with Russia scenario, or Obama’s averted No Fly Zone in Syria in 2013 which also would have led, and was intended to lead, to war with Russia. These are two issues, intended to take place, which would have led to nuclear war and have been averted. It is also the case apparently that Earth now moves into an area of orbit that does bring it into the line of wandering comets and asteroids.  The understanding is that science has this in its sight, and is preparing – but it is another example of this particular ‘corridor’.

No doubt there will be more too, but for now the known scenario moves to other issues which may connect to the mysterious, macabre mural at Denver Airport, or even to Agenda 21 – both known to those interested in alternative news.  That issue is the ‘sacred’ ritual of mass human sacrifice.

Perhaps the information we have provided that sets the scene has been complex, but without giving the scene – providing a context - it is difficult to understand why the results are projected to happen and covered.   For example, now we have Gobekli Tepe and its astronomical data, it shows the reason why there have been teachings of ‘hell’ and ‘dark entities’ – not because people were superstitious but because these were descriptions of an energy yet to be encountered.’ It also shows why it has always been taught to follow a ‘guideline’ and why it was taught not to do certain things.  Instead, the moment these things were brought into attention they were considered a ‘consciousness shift’.  People did not believe what had long been taught, and now there is a problem.

Often trying to indicate the problem of the existence of the Wheel – and the path it takes - has had to be around presenting as much information as possible that indicated a problem. That involved information in existing ancient texts that needed to be followed up - for it is important that those ‘marked’ for the Great Journey know what that journey is.   It is the result of many problems that lead to the big one. The information carved in stone proves what the biggest problem is.


Gobekli Tepe References “Gobekli Tepe Temples Communicating an Ancient Cosmic Geography” by Paul Burley.

Graham Hancock ‘Magicians of the Gods’ for his insights specific to pillar 43 at Gobekli Tepe.

72 years =1 degree of the Cycle. 2 degrees are 144 years likely for a preparatory change beginning around 1890 - a time when spiritualism – talking to ‘spirits’ was abundant.  


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