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 References : Overview of the Stone Records :  and Important Points.         


Important Points:


Gobekli Tepe is an at least 12,000 year old archeological site discovered in Turkey which presents stone calendars of the night skies and proves how this world has been altered to gradually align to a different star system - also known as the Path of the Dead (and After Life into a Life System which died). While some people of 12,000 years ago knew and understood that that Path led to something which had died, not everyone saw it as that, and the people in today's world do not know it at all.

Because of what happened, information was communicated through the Living System this planet belongs to, soon after it happened,  for correction of the alignment.  Gobekli Tepe's stone calendars track the fall of this planet into the alignment with the dead star systems, and stars which have become more magnetic i.e. with an iron content like the current false North Star Polaris aka Lodestar. 

We consider the first real input of information for this work, began in 2003 and the first issue raised was this planet's wobble and tilt.  Very obvious to anyone who is not in the dream reality.

By 2018 the information had expanded on that to show that the wobble and tilt meant (the affected part of) this planet spent half its 25,000 year cycle in a higher realm, and half in the 3rd realm then suddenly ended like the end of a movie. 

It has been an effort to do this work, which progressively changes the picture like the tide changes the water patterns on a shoreline. For this reason we do suggest only keeping and reviewing the most current versions of this work.

The people on this planet and living the dream rerun of what happened on their star-seed planet origin, are not allowed into the Higher Realm which the larger part of this planet is still part of. That is why there are the two different places a soul ends up after leaving the body. Those on this planet now, when they go to the 'afterlife', the 'summerlands' and so on (but especially any realm marked by 'ek' or 'ek-ka') are already part of the old star system which diedThe purpose of being here in the dream rerun is to make other choices.

It has taken all these years to get to the actual picture, and sometimes the sections we began explaining were not as clear in the overall picture, as they are when that picture is as complete as it is now.

Sometimes we have to go back and correct aspects in order to get this as close to 'right' as can be done.  The existence of the ancient lineage, records, teaching on the way out of this reality which all survived, have never been in question. They were already known.  Getting to the full meaning of what happened and happens to this planet particularly when it passes through the Void or 'Time Portal' into this reality at the First Times, has been a story we had to work very hard to get to. 

One correction is the better understanding of Gobekli Tepe now in 2018, which as mentioned before does point to the area in this galaxy close to the known source of the Living Life Stream Original Source of this planet before it went through the Void. 

Knowing this then points to when this planet did that, which in turn means the time when this planet lines up with where the magnetic forces have been pulling it, which is called the 'End Times', has to be when the 'portal' or 'entry point' into the super-massive black hole at the centre of this galaxy is encountered.  It is expected to appear from behind the sun in the near oncoming years.  This was the mistake which caused the fall of the planet which is now 'space ice' but whose DNA came to seed life on this planet.

We also withdrew earlier meditation type exercises given in initial books, and no doubt have a few more corrections to the narrative, but the narrative now is actually very accurate.

 Gobekli Tepe - From 2017 scientists have discovered that the pillars are pointing to a particular higher star system which the builders of this considered significant, and then they built more of these circular 'star trackers' to replace the previous one, as they monitored how the planet slowly moved away from its path which had aligned with these.  Earlier we looked into some pointers which seemed to give an 'end time' date from information at Gobekli Tepe.  Based on the work of one of the researchers on this who was the information source, we were under the impression that this planet was passing through the 'Dark Rift'.  This is not the case, it passed through this nearly 12,000 years ago.  This makes it easier to understand that the access to the 'dark energy' is not limited to a period of particular number of years, and also does not give us an 'end date'.  We had some pages on this now removed, but have corrected the Ragnarok link given at the end of this page.

Both the Scandinavian legends and the pillars of Gobekli Tepe star alignments, back up what this work is saying. The real message is about the location from which the Higher Light Streams issue to reach this planet - via the sun of this solar system which passes on 'communication' although still awaiting it to 'wake up' from its lengthy slumber which is expected to begin with the next Solar Maximum around 2023.  This is then the final 11 years, it is thought,  to no longer choose to remain in the Dream Reality and all it once promised. When the 'portal' is fully encountered it is written that there is a dissolution of this reality - which is reborn 12,000 or so years later as the Path of Rebirth that it is, which is also the Path of Life and Death.



It is now recommended to read 'Örigin' by Dan Brown.  

To better understand the effects and results of the technology, we recommended works including Marc Goodman senior advisor to Interpol and the FBI, and Oxford University’s Professor Susan Greenfield.

‘Future Crimes: Inside the Digital Underground and the Battle for Our Connected World’ by Marc Goodman. 

The work of Professor Susan Greenfield’s research into neuroscience and the effect of computers on rewiring the brain.  

Marc Goodman senior advisor to Interpol and the FBI, and Oxford University’s Professor Susan Greenfield.

‘Future Crimes: Inside the Digital Underground and the Battle for Our Connected World’ by Marc Goodman.  The extreme vulnerability the digital technology places this world under, benefitting criminals through the Dark Web, isolating people and creating robots to fill the void, reducing human contact, but also making so many people super rich and placing the world in the hands of undeveloped people. Nanotechnology …..Programmable material that can self-assemble like DNA…….nanobots can enter the bloodstream.  “In a scenario famously called the grey goo scenario, one in which the earth might be reduced to a lifeless mass overrun by nanomachines.” Nanobots are already part of artificial blood; they can be used to, for example, clean up an oil spill.  The scenario presented is one where an error in programming or by hacking. Drexler provides in his book “Imagine a replicator……assembling replicator copies….in 10 hours there are over 68 billion….in less than 2 days they would outweigh the earth.”

The work of Professor Susan Greenfield’s research into neuroscience and the effect of computers on rewiring the brain.

Living forever as robot? Prototype lets humans upload their mind into mechanized ‘heads’.

‘A Third Revolution in Warfare’ BBC World News Aug. 21st 2017

Whoever Controls AI Will ‘Rule the World’     Vladimir Putin

Elon Musk on AI

 More  introductory references here is Elon Musk (Space-X and Tesla) on the dangers of AI.

Gobekli Tepe at

Norse Records

Gobekli Tepe References “Gobekli Tepe Temples Communicating an Ancient Cosmic Geography” by Paul Burley.

Graham Hancock ‘Magicians of the Gods’ for his insights specific to pillar 43 at Gobekli Tepe.   Andrew Collins also has a 2018 book on Gobekli Tepe which may be of interest.  All insights are useful.

Excerpts from this work:

"The development of technology - using the 'dark energy' - is the absolute key to the future development of this world.  Without it there is no new world as it is envisioned to be.  AI plays an important role in what happened to this planet in the past - because it is old thinking - and also in the creation of a world or realm which is often called 'not real' and an Illusion, or Maya.

The development of AI - Artificial Intelligence - is charging ahead and even being developed by people like former Black Eyed Peas pop star Will-i-am.  Robin Li founder of Baidu, wants to make China the leader in AI, and there is Suri and Alexa, and smart TVs which record and monitor even your most private conversations and activities, yet are supposed to exist to provide you with the 'future' of voice command to change TV channels and tell you the weather.  Who is monitoring this? "


'Humans don't learn tools,

Tools learn Humans' Robin Li Chinese developer of Artificial Intelligence.

And indeed they do.  That is the problem.


Excerpts from this work:

Artificial Intelligence and the 'Future World'

ATLANTIS :  The accounts of an advanced world which was destroyed around 12,000 years ago were written as serious minded records, not as fantasies and stories about an earlier legend. They referred to a land known to the Ancient Greeks, and the Greek Plato, who was shown these accounts kept in Egypt, was a serious academic. The records were written at the time events happened. These records were kept in very serious and respected libraries.

Thus they tell us of a land with high levels of technology - and also medicine, hospitals, surgery, and sciences. But regardless of this, the blueprints for what the technology was, were also kept, and that is how this world has the technology it has today. 

Certainly the ancient world which has remained in our memories as the existence of 'Atlantis' had been a technologically advanced world which had, through the misuse of tits technology, engineered its own destruction.

So we will add that the ancient world not only used the dark energy but developed it in the same way it is being used today, which includes the development of AI artificial intelligence. 

They did so because all the instructions and blueprints for this technology remained in documents from the time that ancient world had developed them.  The existence of these 'treasures' has a lot to do with why wars were wages, especially WW1 and WW2.

We also understand that most people, well meaning and sincere too, know very little about the information that was left through the generations.  Yet this work carried a detailed section on how all this energy and the technology of a truly ancient time on this planet, many thousands and thousands of years ago, was documented in Records and developed again, as if new, as weapons of WW1 and WW2, Mustard Gas, even the Atom bomb, and more technology - including computers. 

And that the mistake the ancient world had made had damaged this entire galaxy. Although those who view this as good, and 'evolution' do not, of course, see it as a mistake.  However, the POSITIVE side of this galaxy (and the 'Upper Realms') does see it as a mistake, and its viewpoint is that the planet has already entered a lower dimension of this galaxy, and the 'portal' leads to an even lower universe still.

*Elon Musk has said that eventually humans will just become its pets (playthings).  (We provide many references and links from professional and academic sources on this).

What we know for certain is that the ancient world used the same 'black energy' available to this world of today, and they used it to create their high tech world. 

This is known because the information survives in Norse (Scandinavian) sources and these describe the actual dark energy, which they eventually discovered to be the 'black poison'.  In those times it was called the Eitr and the energy then, like now, issues from the Black Hole at what this planet now encounters as the 'centre of this galaxy'. 

And generally the energy and existence of the Black Hole is now seen as something good.

The possibility of going into and through to these new birthings in the Black Hole, has excited scientists like the late Stephen Hawking. 

**It is deduced that all such people known for their intellect and whose minds struggle to understand the concept of the existence of God (using the mind to do that is the problem) all, from the mental viewpoint, see the idea of going into the black hole portal as a good thing - thus it is the problem of the Intellect that is the weapon and tool of the AI. Unfortunately it is those with 'great minds' who were the ones who programmed the reality of the AI which now is the machine which dictates the value of our lives and lifestyles. 

Those who in fact created an adversary of the 5th Realm, and because they were and are undeveloped 3rd realm level, were totally unfit to programme a machine that would dictate and order the lives of humans.  Those who struggle with understanding the existence of God - because they have no knowledge of the 5th realm - who think as Einstein wrote in his 'God letter' and these are the ones who have done it this time round, adding to the same set of circumstances of those who created this in previous rounds and that it still exists from those previous rounds - creating an horrendously massive problem for the human souls who end up trapped in this 'Pandora's Box'.

More References

Einstein's God letter extract: "The word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weakness, the Bible a collection of honorable, but still purely primitive, legends which are nevertheless pretty childish. No interpretation, no matter how subtle, can change this for me. For me the Jewish religion like all other religions is an incarnation of the most childish superstition."  The emphasis being on the belief that the texts are childish.  There are many in this category who have no ability to move beyond the mind and into the existence of what lies beyond that, Richard Dawkins for one.  These are people, no matter how 'great' their minds, do not have the potential to be and have never been 5th realm, yet it is the minds from this level which programmed the machine which is now reducing our planet to a hell world.


'Pandora's Box'. According to the myth, Pandora opened a box releasing all the evils that visit humanity like pain and suffering, leaving only hope (expectation) inside once she had closed it again. *That box may well turn out to be the same source identified here as the source of all the world's suffering.


Elon Musk (Space-X and Tesla) on the dangers of AI.

Also this should link to an ABC (Australian) programme on AI with discussions aired Dec. 8th 2018 and the dangers ahead.  Particularly an older women who in some opinions should be put in a straightjacket and locked away - but then, this work sees humans as the highest creation and the AI is the conspiracy of the ages'.

 The star above, and the star below.    Plant Food Fasting,  Vegetarian Diet  Natural Health   :   Reversing Out of Being Photo-Negative